This is part of our series on Building a Capsule Wardrobe. In this post, we'll be talking about why and how to create a shopping wish list.


Often we buy clothing on a whim, if we happen to find something that we like or if something is on sale. But these seemingly harmless in-the-moment purchases could be the one thing keeping us from loving our closet. 



If you're going to create a wardrobe that works, you need to think of it as a whole. You don't want to buy random things that don't go together, even though you may like the pieces individually.

By taking the time to dream up your ideal wardrobe, like we did in the Design Your Ideal Capsule Wardrobe exercise, you are creating a blueprint for a closet that you'll love. Then, if you create a wish list for the items that you don't have yet, you can reference it when you shop and make sure that you're buying the things you need (and ultimately want!) the most.



Make a list of all the things in your ideal capsule wardrobe that you don't currently have.

Insider Tip: You can use our wardrobe checklist, included in our free capsule wardrobe guide below!

Since we usually don't have an unlimited budget, it's important to prioritize these items. The order will be based on how much you will wear them, how many outfits you can make with them, and what the holes are in your closet. So if you need to decide between black jeans and a striped tshirt, think about what is already in your closet. If you have a million pairs of pants and very few tops, then maybe buy the striped tshirt first. Or if you have lots of tops, and have been in dire need of pants, you know what to do.

Write out your list in order of priority, or put an asterisk next to the items that are the most critical. This way, you'll be on your way to your ideal wardrobe the fastest way possible!



Reference this list whenever you go to shop. It will help you rein in your impulses. Let's say you have $150 to spend this month on clothes, and you can either buy two neon tank tops and a faux suede skirt that are on sale (that don't really go with your closet), or you can save that money and buy your dream denim jacket that you will wear forever and make every outfit cute. If you make a list and keep it with you, you'll be shopping smarter and getting dressed every day will start to become a breeze!


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PS - We'd love for you to keep reading, and download our free worksheet below to follow along. It’s a great asset to print out and keep handy as you're building your wardrobe!