This is part of our series on Building a Capsule Wardrobe. In this post, we'll be talking about how to identify the best fits for your clothing so you can build a closet you love.

Finding clothes that fit well and make you feel great can be a challenge. It's easy to buy something because it looks good on the hanger, or on the model, and not realize that you wouldn't really like it on you. Over time, you usually become aware of some of the things in your wardrobe that don’t flatter you and other things that make you feel confident. This post was written to help you start identifying the patterns, so you can stop buying those troubled items, and instead build a wardrobe that you love.

To give an example, I had a clarifying moment a couple years ago with necklines. I kept buying scoop neck or v neck tops, and I never liked them when I put them on. I have a really long neck and the low neckline made me feel like I was a giraffe for some reason. (Please note, this could all be in your head, but it still matters how you feel in your clothing;) ). I realized one day that I loved to wear clothes with a high neckline, like a crewneck or a boat neck. So, after years of buying scoop neck tops and dresses, I made a mental note to buy more items with high necklines. The result is that I have more things I can put on that I feel great wearing, and I go through less outfits in the morning. I created workarounds if I really like something that has a low neck, so I didn't have to cut them out completely. For example, if I wear a choker or scarf with a low neck, it has the same effect as wearing a high neck. I don’t always want to wear accessories, so I limit myself to only buying low neck blouses and dresses that I really love.

Follow the exercise below to build a fit guide that will help you build a wardrobe filled with clothes that make you feel amazing.


Step 1: Identify the Heroes + Villains

Take a moment to browse through the list below. Identify the heroes and villains in your closet, so you can be aware of them when you shop. There will probably be some “trouble fits” or “ideal fits” that you already know about, while others will surface while doing this exercise.

There’s no need to have a super specific opinion on each of these categories, but we created a comprehensive list so that you can scan it and see if there’s anything that stands out to you. You may just have one or two things that pop out, and that’s perfectly fine. There’s no reason to make shopping harder than it needs to be, or create superficial boundaries. But identifying things that really irk you or things that absolutely make you feel like a babe (that maybe you didn’t even realize) will help you build a wardrobe that you feel confident wearing.




Finalizing your fit guide is simple. All you have to do is create a simple list (well, two lists). Save them somewhere you can reference when you shop, like the Notes app of your phone. 

List #1: “I need to stop buying so many…”

List #2: “I need to buy more…”


Here’s an example:

I need to stop buying so many: scoop necks, v necks, tops that are too short, dresses that are too long (or get them hemmed), sleeveless tops and dresses, uncomfortable/tight jeans, short sweaters, high heels.

I need to buy more: high neck (crewneck, boat neck, high neck), one shoulder, turtlenecks, longer tops and tunics, short sleeves, elbow length sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, bell sleeves, comfortable pants/shorts, oversized sweaters, comfortable and cute flats.


If you have this in mind when you shop, you will find that with time your closet will be filled with more and more of the things that make you feel beautiful and confident. Yay!


This is part of our series on Building a Capsule Wardrobe. Here is the full list of posts in this series:

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PS - We'd love for you to keep reading, and download our free worksheet below to follow along. It’s a great asset to print out and keep handy as you're building your wardrobe!