11 Ethical Swim Brands For Your Summer Beach Days

11 Ethical Swim Brands For Your Summer Beach Days

Summer's in full swing, which means it's the perfect time to introduce you to our favorite ethical swim brands. Whether your street style is minimalistic, 1950s vintage or sporty chic, there's a conscious swim brand for everyone. 

Similar to what we did with our top ethical shoe brands, we've broken down our favorite swimwear brands into categories: People and Planet.

People brands manufacture their products in responsible factories, and ensure that their employees are treated with dignity and paid fair wages. 

Our favorite planet brands make their garments with the environment in mind. The fashion industry is the third most polluting in the world behind oil and agriculture, and these brands aim to reduce the negative impact we make on the planet caused by manufacturing clothing. 

As we always say, you don't have to sacrifice style for responsibility - and you don't have to forgo a gorgeous swimsuit for it either! Take a look at eleven of the coolest brands in conscious swimwear. 


Bikyni ethical swim brands

Bikyni - People

For any minimalist who prefers to own one classic suit over three statement bikinis, we have your new favorite brand. Designed and produced in LA, Bikyni is focused on quality and minimal design without traditional price markups. They source their fabric in Italy from a mill that's been knitting beautiful, innovative fabrics for over 50 years. Just like VETTA's capsule collections, Bikyni's pieces are best worn mixed and matched with each other.

We love how the Long Line top pairs with the Cheeky Hipster as well as the versatility of the Plunge top and the Racerback one piece



Faherty ethical swim brands

Faherty - People & Planet

A brand truly inspired by the little outdoor moments that make life big, Faherty creates clothing and swimwear made from unique and sustainable fabrics. Faherty works closely with manufacturers to craft the highest quality apparel, including classically cut swimsuits in fun prints. Shop Faherty online or in one of their six U.S. stores.

As capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, we're big lovers of reversible pieces which is why the St. Barths One-Piece and Tahiti Bottom are among our favorite Faherty pieces.



Kortni Jeane ethical swim brands

Kortni Jeane - People

In 2014, Kortni Jeane launched her namesake brand of USA-made swimsuits. Since then she has been creating vintage-inspired bathing suits that cater to all body types. Aside from women's swim, Kortni Jeane also makes children's swimsuits and menswear, all possessing the same blast-from-the-past aesthetic.

The high-waisted bottoms and off-the-shoulder top are perfect vintage meets contemporary swimwear pieces. Top the look off with a pair of their Flower Power Sunnies.



Vitamin A ethical swim brands

Vitamin A - People & Planet

Ethically produced in sunny California, Vitamin A is committed to both sustainability and quality. Some suits are made with their very own EcoLux™ fabric, a superfine jersey made with recycled nylon fiber that's locally produced in California. They also use XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber to extend the life of each swimsuit. Finally, Vitamin A takes the time to ensure that the people who produce their fabrics and collections are treated well.

Vitamin A's love for the environment accompanied by the clean-cut styles of their suits makes us admire them that much more. The Neutra Bralette, Ballerina Wrap Top and Luna Bottom, are a few of our must-haves. Check out their site to see the endless styles and prints they have to offer. 



Auria ethical swim brands

AURIA - People & Planet

Determined to make sustainability a priority from the get-go, Diana Auria founded her ethical swimwear brand in 2013. The London-based brand aims to produce fresh, contemporary designs for their customers, without compromising their environmental and social responsibilities.

The shapes and cuts of AURIA swimwear are classic and versatile. We love the simplicity of the Baywatch Crop Bikini, as well as the 90s-inspired cut and design of the One Shoulder Crop and High Waist Briefs.



Maura Hoffman ethical swim brands

Mara Hoffman - People & Planet

After graduating from Parsons in NYC, Mara Hoffman started her lifestyle brand consisting of Women's Ready To Wear, Swimwear, Childrenswear and Bridal. The company was not initially founded upon the principles of sustainability. Rather, Hoffman evolved it into an eco-friendly brand after gaining more awareness about the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet. Read more about their commitment to social and environmental responsibility here

Mara Hoffman's distinct geometric prints and pastel colors will never be overlooked on the beach this summer. Our favorites include the Tank One Piece, Cutout Bandeau One Piece and Triangle Bralette Bikini Top.



NU Swim ethical swim brands

Nu Swim - People

Nu Swim is summer simplicity at its finest. Sourcing materials from the U.S., Japan and Italy, the brand designs their pieces in a California studio and manufactures them in two family-owned production facilities.

With an eclectic, yet minimalist mix of simple pieces to choose from, our pieces of choice include the Straight Top and the Low Low Bottom.



Abysse ethical swim brands

Abysse - People & Planet

An unprecedented swim brand, Abysse produces the trendiest, contemporary wetsuits on the market. Fit for scuba diving, surfing and beyond, the brand's Tahiti-born founder, Hanalei Reponty, works in the cross-section between fashion and function. Abysse is 100% made in California and uses the most eco-friendly wetsuit material available.

For a super simple style, the Billie suit is your go-to, and for something bright, check out their Lotte wetsuit. If you're looking for slightly less industrial swimwear but in the classic Abysse fashion, their bikinis follow the same athletic theme.



KORE swim ethical swim brands

KORE Swim - People

A modern take on the symbolism of an ancient goddess, KORE represents the strength, power and allure at the core of every woman. Made in America to ensure its quality and longevity, each suit is a wear-everywhere staple to last.

Whether you're looking for an eye-catching or understated style, KORE has both simple print and solid suits. We love the clean-classic look of the Calypso and Nyx



Beth Richards ethical swim brands

Beth Richards - People

Beth Richards is our favorite athletic-chic ethical swimwear brand. Engineered for athletes with Italian fabrics, each and every garment is made in Canada where they believe in ethical treatment and first world wages for their employees.

We're obsessed with the Ines One Piece, as well as the Knot Top. If you feel like making a statement, try out the ultra-bold Bond Suit.



ethical swimwear

AMARA Tulum - People & Planet

Toronto-native and now Tulum-local, Lisa Jackson, is the creative mind behind the sustainable, socially-responsible brand, AMARA. Utilizing Italian fabrics that are made up of 78% recycled post-consumer materials, AMARA works with local artisans in Tulum, Mexico, to craft their elegant swimwear pieces.

Delicate straps on practical styles make up the signature AMARA look. The Astronaut Top, Mustang Sally Bottom and Careless One Piece are on the short list of pieces we need.


What's your favorite swim brand? We'd love to know in the comments below! 

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The Two Piece Dress, Three Ways

The Two Piece Dress, Three Ways

Capsule Wardrobe Bloggercapsule wardrobe blogger

Capsule wardrobe gif

capsule wardrobe blogger

July 20, 2017 by Cara Bartlett
Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

When we think summer, we think airy and easy - and our Classic Capsule reflects just that. We see our newest collection as our summer capsule wardrobe essentials.

Beyond creating items that we think you'll love, with each new collection we launch at VETTA, we are essentially presenting to you our idea of a perfect capsule wardrobe. Every piece in our capsules are thoughtfully designed to be "that piece" that you'll depend on throughout the season.

Below are the five pieces from our Spring/Summer collection, plus shoes and accessories, all summing to our ideal mini capsule wardrobe.

(P.S. The items in our capsule are responsibly-made and eco-friendly!)

The Wrap Top - VETTA

The Wrap Top is our most versatile item yet - wear it forwards, backwards, tied at the side, tied in the back and any other way you can think of. It can be dressed down for work or dressed up for a night out. The top comes in two colors: black and striped.

spring capsule wardrobe vetta wrap top  

The Geometric Earrings - Upper Metal Class
The Semi-Oval and Curve Earrings by Upper Metal Class are the perfect understated, yet intriguing earrings for our capsule wardrobe. The brand draws inspiration from architecture, math, science and natural life to create and package beautiful jewelry using earth-friendly materials.
spring capsule wardrobe upper metal class earrings

A patterned twist on a piece from the original capsule, this dress' pieces can be worn together, or mixed and matched with others in the capsule. Get it in black for a neutral outfit base, or striped for an eye-catching style.

spring capsule wardrobe vetta dress
Designed in New York and handmade in Italy, Illesteva was born in 2010 and has since become an eyewear brand known for creating both classic and vintage styles, utilizing contemporary materials. The cat-eye frame of the Palm Beach Sunglasses can be paired with almost every summer outfit under the sun, making it the final element to our ideal capsule wardrobe.
spring capsule wardrobe illesteva sunglasses

The Two-Piece Wrap skort is a summer skirt that you can actually move around in. The shorts are a super-cropped version of the culottes from our original capsule and the skirt can be worn forwards or backwards. The skort comes in a simple black and a luxe navy.

spring capsule wardrobe vetta wrap skort

No closet is complete without a clean-classic bag, and Cuyana's Structured Cinch Bag is the ultimate adaptable silhouette purse. Choose from black, clay or natural - three perfect tones for summer. 

spring capsule wardrobe cuyana structured cinch bag

The effortless, yet intricately designed Swing Dress can be styled for any occasion. You can wear the dress forward or backward, unbelted on casual days or belted for a waist-defining, chic look. This dress comes in black and navy.

spring capsule wardrobe vetta dress
Light and flowy, we think our Ladder Lace Top is the epitome of summer. Like almost all of our other pieces, it can be worn forward or backward, and is easily transitioned from day to night. Get this top in two neutral colors: black or ivory.
spring capsule wardrobe vetta ladder lace top
The Choker Necklace - Five and Two

Handcrafted in California, Five and Two creates versatile, dainty jewelry for minimalists. The Shea choker necklace is one of our favorite complements to the capsule. 

spring capsule wardrobe five and two choker necklace
The Slide - Marais USA

In our eyes, this shoe is the ideal summer slide. Marais USA's vegan, made-in-LA pearly white slides can be styled for any weekend outing season-round. Read more about the ethical shoe brand here

spring capsule wardrobe marais usa slide

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Shop the VETTA pieces featured in this post below.

Spring capsule wardrobe essentials


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How To Sell, Donate and Recycle Your Old Clothes

How To Sell, Donate and Recycle Your Old Clothes

Cleaning out your closet can be tricky, frustrating and maybe even a little annoying - but how's this for a little incentive? There are a number of ways you can sell, donate and recycle your old clothes and even make some cash or score a new piece that you do love along the way. 

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ethical shoe brands

9 Ethical Shoe Brands You Need To Know

At VETTA, we are firmly committed to creating our pieces using eco-friendly fabrics, in our responsible, family-run factory in New York City. We believe that you don't have to sacrifice shopping ethically for style.  

That's why we're obsessed with brands like Nisolo, Marais USA and Coclico, that make the chicest ethical shoes for us to pair with our capsule wardrobes. When we think about these brands, we like to think of them in terms of three categories: people, planet and animals. 

People brands manufacture their products in responsible factories, and ensure that their employees are treated with dignity and paid fair wages. 

Our favorite planet brands make their shoes with the environment in mind. The fashion industry is the third most polluting in the world behind oil and agriculture, and these brands aim to reduce the negative impact we make on the planet caused by manufacturing shoes. 

Animal-concious shoe brands are cruelty-free and are made with alternative materials, without animal products. Other brands will use the leather that was already a byproduct of the meat industry to eliminate as much animal-cruelty as possible.

Meet our top nine ethical shoe brands - maybe one of our favorites will end up being your new go-to staple! 


Coclico ethical shoe brands

Coclico - People & Planet

At Coclico, their motto is, "luxury isn't the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely." See why we love them? Materials for Coclico's shoes are sourced locally in Europe near their family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. Coclico is heavily invested in environmental integrity, partnering with Native Energy to track its annual in-house carbon usage and offsetting that amount by investing in renewable energy projects.

Their shoes are perfect for the minimalist who loves a quirky twist. Our favorite style is the Banks Sandal, a thick-strap wooden heel with color-block details. 



Proud Mary ethical shoe brands

Proud Mary - People

Founded by Harper Poe in 2008, Proud Mary is ever-inspired by the culture, people and textiles of South America. The brand is a physical manifestation of Poe's passion for working with various communities to create societal impact. Partnering with local artisans in places like Morocco, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Mali and Syria, Proud Mary works to preserve traditional craft in a socially responsible way. 

Not only does Proud Mary make the sandals and slides for bohemian lovers, but they also make clothing, accessories and home decor



Everlane ethical shoe brands

Everlane - People

Everlane may one of the biggest names in socially-conscious fashion. With a dedication to radical transparency via minimalist styles, Everlane is one of our favorite responsibly-made brands. The company spends a hefty amount of time searching for the best factories around the world to ensure its integrity. 

Beyond the clothing basics that Everlane is known for, they craft their shoes with the same philosophy in mind. We can fully get behind the versatility of Everlane's shoe selection and think each one would be a great addition to any lean wardrobe. The Modern Loafer, for example, can easily be worn in the office or to Sunday brunch, while the Heel Boot is another dress-up or dress-down staple. 



Fortress of Inca ethical shoe brands

Fortress of Inca - People & Planet

At Fortress of Inca, they believe that the people who make their shoes are just as important as the people who buy them. By working with and closely auditing several workshops and factories in Peru, they maintain the shoemakers' excellent working conditions as well as provide health care, paid maternity leave and social security benefits. Beyond the social responsibility that Fortress of Inca takes on, the leather that they use for their shoes is a byproduct of the meat industry that might otherwise have been turned into harmful waste. 

Their shoes are heavily inspired by typical South American footwear, combining pops of color with Incan textiles. Our favorites styles include Carmen, Miko and Adriana Coco, each a modern take on Peruvian styles.



Marais USA ethical shoe brands

Marais USA - People & Animals

Haley Boyd, designer and owner of Marais USA, fuses the "confidence and practicality of the New Yorker" with the effortless sophistical of the "Parisienne." And we think she nails it every time. Many of Marais' styles are made with vegan materials, as they are determined to offer as many eco- and animal-friendly options as possible. Boyd is committed to ethical fashion the entire way through, which includes in-person quality-control inspections in their responsible Los Angeles factory. 

Marais' NYC-hustle meets Paris-chic styles can be found in an array of pastels and simple styles. Their vegan styles are among our favorites, like the Jane Mule and the Jardin Heel



VEJA ethical shoe brands

Veja - People & Animals

Veja's tomboy sneakers are the product of a push for fair trade and ecologically-conscious efforts. Each and every shoe is made in Brazil and respects the standards of work put forth by the International Labour Organization. A handful of the trainers are made from organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather and wild rubber from the Amazon (the only place in the world where rubber trees grow in the wild!)

With sneakers that look as if they're fresh out of a retro editorial, Veja combines heavy-duty styles with pastels and unique color combinations. The Holiday Silk shoe serves as the ideal staple sneaker for the girl on-the-go with a monochromatic wardrobe. For a classic white shoe, check out their vegan Wata Canvas sneaker. 



Nisolo ethical shoe brands

 Nisolo - People

Determined to create a healthy work environment for those who make their shoes and accessories, Nisolo pays fair trade wages and provides benefits for their factory employees in Peru. They also carefully partner with factories in León, Mexico as well as independent artisans who help to craft Nisolo's high-quality products. 

With a wide range of styles from heeled slides to patent leather oxfords, Nisolo's shoes come in neutral colors for a variety of personal aesthetics. We're into the simplicity of the Isla Slide Sandal and the business-casual chic tone of the Ava Ballerina Flat.



Nina z ethical shoe brands

Nina Z - People

Swedish designer, Nina Z, launched her namesake shoe label in 2008 because of the lack of clogs she saw while living in New York City. Nina Z strongly believes in ethical sourcing and labor, primarily focused on how and by whom the brand's clogs are made. 

After growing up in Sweden and being married to her husband who is of African decent, the brand pays homage to both cultures' overarching styles with a modern twist. Besides their clogs, Nina Z makes sandals and boots that are also influenced by the classic clog.



Sseko ethical shoe brands

Sseko - People

Sseko Designs aims to use fashion to create opportunity for global women through employment as well as scholarship opportunities. The brand hires women in Uganda to make their sandals to enable them to earn money through dignified employment. The money these women earn goes directly towards their college education funds, and as a result, Sseko has helped 60 women to continue on to university so far. 

With their relaxed styles, Sseko's sandals are footwear staples for a beach vacation or for a warm, laid-back day. We love how the Crossover Slide Sandal and the Ribbon Sandals is easily integrated into any comfy-casual wardrobe. 


We hope you're able to find a new pair of shoes that you love from a brand that goes beyond the call of duty in the modern day fashion industry. 

Pair your new ethically-made shoes with VETTA's new capsule collection!


May 23, 2017 by Alex Kaneshiro
What is a capsule wardrobe?

What Is A Capsule Wardobe?

It probably won't come as a shock that we're big fans of thoughtful, edited wardrobes here at VETTA. But it recently occurred to us that our customers and readers may be wondering in the back of their minds, "What is a capsule wardrobe?"
May 04, 2017 by Alex Kaneshiro
A Simple Guide To Eco-Friendly Fabrics And Where To Shop Them

A Simple Guide To Eco-Friendly Fabrics And Where To Shop Them

While studying textiles at Parsons in New York City, one of our founders, Cara Bartlett, gained in-depth expertise on a variety of fabrics used to make clothing. Fast-forward seven years and we have built on that knowledge to develop VETTA's sustainable and ethical capsule collections.

To us, a simple way that we can all make the world just a little bit greener is by taking five seconds to look at garment labels before we buy something new. But what constitutes a "sustainable" fabric versus one that is toxic to the earth?

April 13, 2017 by Alex Kaneshiro
10 Thrifting Tips that Will Help You Shop Smarter

10 Thrifting Tips that Will Help You Shop Smarter

Thrift shopping is one of our favorite kinds of shopping on multiple fronts. It's a sustainable alternative to buying fast fashion pieces, combating the social and environmental repercussions associated with buying from these brands. Thrift shopping is cost effective. You can find endless vintage designer clothes for a minuscule fraction of the price you would have paid in-store. And best of all, thrifting is exciting. Although a trip to Savers can be a hit or miss and you may walk out with nothing, for every thrifting-bust, there's a piece out there waiting to surprise you. 

There's no denying that thrifting is the perfect way to shop responsibly, save some cash and genuinely enjoy a morning out. To aid your next trip to your local thrift store, we've put together a list of our top tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your thoughtful shopping experience.

April 04, 2017 by Alex Kaneshiro
7 Bloggers Who Will Inspire Your Capsule Wardrobe

7 Bloggers Who Will Inspire Your Capsule Wardrobe

Keeping a lean closet is a personal choice.

And like all personal choices, we each have our own reasons and rationales for committing to our lifestyle decisions. While some may prefer capsule wardrobes for their simplicity and ease, others might see owning less as a creative challenge. And although one might edit their closet simply to save money, another does so to reduce the harmful environmental and social costs of ownership. 

Enter VETTA’s seven favorite lean closet bloggers, each with their own idiosyncratic philosophies behind their wardrobes. And while it might be intuitive to think minimal wardrobes equate to a single, particular aesthetic, these bloggers' styles range from classic-prep to European tomboy. These women will provide you with capsule wardrobe how-to's, brands to shop, daily outfit inspiration, and most importantly, proof that curating a lean closet is a personal choice worth making.



Caroline Rector of Unfancy

With her "mix and match and repeat" philosophy, Unfancy's Caroline Rector went a full year with only 37 pieces in her closet. While Caroline's structured capsule experiment is over, she still maintains a small closet filled only with intentional purchases and continues to share her clean, classic looks on her site. We love Unfancy because it’s essentially a capsule wardrobe playbook, with piece-by-piece inspiration for any season or special occasion. For those looking to adopt a leaner closet, check out Caroline’s post, "How To DIY a Capsule.”

We asked Caroline why she continues to populate her closet with only the essentials. “I do it because it's calming. It's a way to invite peace into my life, almost like meditation or yoga. It reminds me that I don't have to chase; I can be happy with a lot less. Practicing contentment with something small, like my closet, allows me to get better at it in other areas of my life, too.” For Caroline, keeping a lean wardrobe goes far beyond the clothes themselves. On Unfancy, a capsule wardrobe makes for a calm and clutter-free mind.


Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee

In 2013, Lee Vosburgh began her blog Style Bee, which has evolved into one of the most influential lean closet websites online today. Based in Guelph, Ontario, Lee has gained recognition from fashion influencers like Refinery29 and FLARE for her relaxed-chic style and timeless ensembles. Minimalists credit Lee for the booming popularity of the “10x10 Wardrobe Challenge,” in which participants pick 10 items from their current closet and style those exclusive items for 10 days.

When asked why she keeps a lean closet, Lee tells VETTA, "I keep a lean closet for peace of mind. Having only functional pieces I love to wear makes getting ready a pleasure instead of a dilemma!" Style Bee works to inspire readers to get creative with what they have, reminding us that getting dressed should be both fun and effortless. 

March 02, 2017 by Alex Kaneshiro
Create a Shopping Wish List

Create a Shopping Wish List

Often we buy clothing on a whim, if we happen to find something that we like or if something is on sale. But these seemingly harmless in-the-moment purchases could be the one thing keeping us from loving our closet.  


If you're going to create a wardrobe that works, you need to think of it as a whole. You don't want to buy random things that don't go together, even though you may like the pieces individually. 


Make a list of all the things in your ideal capsule wardrobe that you don't currently have. Since we usually don't have an unlimited budget, it's important to prioritize these items. The order will be based on how much you will wear them, how many outfits you can make with them, and what the holes are in your closet.

January 22, 2017 by Cara Bartlett