To complete your ethical wardrobe, we’ve curated a list of our favorite underwear, bra, and sock brands—because why not dress head to toe in clothes that not only make you feel great but are also sustainably made? Buying these essentials can make a positive impact on the environment and people around the world:

People brands manufacture their products in responsible factories, and ensure that their employees are treated with dignity and paid fair wages.

Our favorite planet brands make their garments with the environment in mind. The fashion industry is the third most polluting in the world behind oil and agriculture, and these brands aim to reduce the negative impact we make on the planet caused by manufacturing clothing.

Make a choice to go sustainable with our top picks.


Bras & Underwear

Brook There - Environment

Along with making their pieces from organic cotton and in the USA, Brook There emphasizes low impact distribution. That means the least amount of transportation possible: The majority of fabric is produced in South Carolina, goes to Pennsylvania for dying, then Massachusetts for cut and sew—then shipped to you. They also realize the wastefulness of individual plastic packaging, so they use recycled poly bags and recycled tissue paper for most orders.

Best for: minimal matching bra and underwear sets


Naja - People & Environment

Naja products are made for women, by women. Because each article is produced by single mothers or women heads of households, Naja provides above market wages, health benefits, and child education stipends and supplies. With each bra comes a wash bag hand-made in the homes of women in extreme poverty in Colombia. Their fabrics are also digitally-printed, meaning their water waste is next to none.

Best for: simple t-shirt braslacy bralettes,and a variety of underwear styles



 WORON - Environment

A Scandinavian brand, WORON strives for comfort without sacrificing femininity, style, or sustainability. Their soft-bras and briefs are made of Modal, a beechwood pulp fiber that’s smooth and breathable. With minimal straps and seams, their bras won’t be the first thing you’ll want to take off when you go home.

Best for: monotone soft-bras with a bit more support


Azura Bay - People & Environment

Azura Bay donates a portion of proceeds of each order to restore and protect the environment as well as support human rights for women around the world. At checkout, you can choose from three organizations to donate to: Because I am a Girl, World Wildlife Fund, or the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Azura Bay also uses 100% recycled boxes, poly mailers, and white tissue paper as well as biodegradable shipping tape, all made in the United States.

Best for: comfortable, statement bras with more support and lace underwear


Blue Canoe - People & Environment

A women-owned and -run company, Blue Canoe creates fashionable but functional garments for their customers. Everything is made from organic cotton and organic bamboo with nontoxic dyes. It's all made in the USA to support American workers and leave a smaller transportation footprint.

Best for: comfortable, supportive bras without wires


Hanky Panky - People & Environment

All Hanky Panky pieces are made from 100% USA-grown cotton and manufactured domestically, reducing time, fuel, shipping costs, and carbon dioxide emissions. Philanthropy is also an active part of their mission, so their proceeds go to organizations such as American Red Cross and Girls Who Code. They encourage their customers to not only buy sustainable but also live sustainable by caring for their garments so that they last longer—washing in cold water and air drying are key.

Best for: organic cotton boyshorts and thongs

Proclaim- People and Environment

Founded on the principles that fashion should represent all women and can be made in a way that does good for people and the planet, Proclaim is a VETTA fave! They offer a size and color inclusive line of bralettes and briefs, ranging from XS- 3X! All of their pieces are made from Tencel and Repreve Recycled Polyester- which is sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles, at their factory in LA.  Founder Shobha Philips hopes that the larger lingerie industry starts taking note in posting body-positive images, inclusive sizes, and expanding the definition of ‘nude’. 

Best for: Matching bralette and mid-rise briefs in a range of nude shades. 


Boody - Environment

To create breathable, moisture-wicking and odor-resistant socks, Boody has a key ingredient: the viscose made from bamboo. Bamboo avoids the problems with growing cotton: it uses less water, doesn’t need pesticides, and actually prevents soil erosion. Because Boody strives for transparency, their products are also certified under Ecocert and SGS.

Best for: affordable, everyday socks



Thought - People & Environment

Organic cotton, recycled polyester, bamboo, and humanely sourced wool are what make Thought socks comfortable and durable. Thought was founded on sustainable fashion and has an environmental policy, animal welfare policy, and code of conduct that outline their company standards throughout the production process, from paying their workers fairly to transporting the finished products. 

Best for: solid bamboo socks for everyday or fun cozy printed socks 


Swedish Stockings - Environment 

Each year, two billion pairs of tights are produced. Most are made from nylon, which comes from petroleum-based manufacturers and creates pantyhose that don't last. Swedish Stockings makes tights and socks from recycled yarn, only uses eco-friendly dyes, purifies water after the dying process, and uses solar energy to power most of the manufacturing process. 

Best for: black pantyhose