We’re inspired every day by so many creative, thoughtful women in the ethical fashion space. They introduce us to new brands to love, inspire our outfits, and remind us why we first started caring about where our clothes come from in the first place. Wisdom is best when shared, so we don’t want to keep our favorite writers + bloggers to ourselves! Below are a few inspiring women who have kindly shared with us why they keep ethical closets. (We also wrote about our favorite capsule wardrobe bloggers a while back, and many of them keep ethical closets too!) 

Oliva Youngs Simply Liv & Co | Insta

“I keep an ethical closet because I love that my clothes tell a beautiful story, not a hurtful one.”

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Cat Chiang Restitchstance | Insta

"I keep an ethical closet because I want the clothes I wear to reflect my personal values. The majority of garment workers are women of color, so ethical fashion is one way that I can support my sisters around the globe.”


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Dominique Drakeford Dom's Conscious Closet | Insta

“Because I believe that the epitome of fly style is having fashion that consciously and authentically speaks truth and represents the beauty of craftsmanship, people and culture.”

 ethical fashion bloggers

Anna Lisa and Porter Grieve Recess City | Blog

“We keep an ethical closet because there's no future in which we imagine we'll look back and say: our lives would have been better if we had thought of others less, had a bigger wardrobe, focused on accumulating more things, or cared more about the way that we looked than the planet we lived on. My husband, Porter, and I hope to inspire our audience to treat the fashion industry with the same degree of scrutiny many Americans have approached the food industry with for years. If you care about the chemicals that go in your body, you should care about the ones that go on it. We want to live in a world where people don't wear what's ‘in,’ but wear things out.”



Emilie Maine Maine Ethics | Insta

“I keep an ethical closet because I care about the future of our planet, and the treatment of the people making my clothes.”


Annie Zhu Terumah | Insta

“I keep an ethical closet to respect and appreciate my clothes, and all those involved in making them.”

Photo by Amina Touray

ethical fashion bloggers

Elizabeth Stilwell The Note Passer | Insta

“Keeping an ethical closet aligns with my philosophy of avoiding harm — to people, to animals, to the planet — when possible. Secondhand and ethical brands help me do that.”


 ethical fashion blogger Whitney Bauck Writes: Fashionista | Blog: UnwrinklingInsta

“I keep an ethical closet because I want to dress myself in things that I know are good for other people and good for the planet — and I love clothing that has a cool story behind it.”


ethical fashion bloggerAlli Cherry Youtube | Insta

“I keep an ethical closet because of the devastation the fast fashion industry has on people and the planet -- I simply cannot participate or stand by as the problem persists, which is why it's my goal to have the smallest environmental impact as possible while sharing the many benefits of a small, curated closet.” 



 ethical fashion blogger

Kasi Martin The Peahen | Insta

“I keep an ethical closet because style is a reflection of self. And my self says the people and planet should be treated equitably. So I keep a closet that balances both things, style and concern for how my clothes are made.”



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