You asked to see VETTA on real women with different body types, and we've answered! Below you will find REAL women (not models) in sizes XS-XL wearing The Stretch Ankle Pant. We think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and these gorgeous women are proof! 
Sophie wears a size XS*
*The pant hem is rolled under once in this photo - you can wear it that way and it looks fine! Or you can easily hem this pant.
Height 5’4” | Waist 27” | Bust 32”| Hips 35.5”
Jenna wears a size S
Height 5’6” | Waist 26.5” | Bust 32.5”| Hips 36.5”
Miriam wears a size M
Height 5’4” | Waist 26” | Bust 32”| Hips 37.5”
Natalie wears a size L
Height 5’3” | Waist 30” | Bust 36”| Hips 42”
Courtney wears a size XL
Height 5’9” | Waist 41” | Bust 45.5”| Hips 46.5”
November 01, 2017 by Cara Bartlett

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